What Sets Us Apart


At Milestone Dental Care, our goal is to make our patients feel comfortable, as if they were just stopping by a friend’s house for a visit. We believe that going to the dentist should make you feel good about yourself!

More than Just a Dentist

We may be a general dental practice, but we do a lot more than “cleanings” and “fillings.”

  • Although we are not a pediatric practice, we see many children and enjoy it. We are also very good with children. Parents and siblings are always welcome in the treatment rooms. 
  • We do Invisalign® and a more affordable option called MTM or minor tooth movement. And, although we are not an orthodontic practice we have a lot of success with it.
  • Milestone Dental Care is one of the few dental practices in Rhode Island that offers both a hard tissue laser for use on teeth, and a soft tissue laser for use on gums. Many times this can be done without anesthesia—NO SHOT! 
  • We offer Botox® and dermal fillers because sometimes it takes more than just pretty teeth to make a pretty smile.   
  • We restore implants placed by our local oral surgeons and periodontists.
  • We perform cosmetic dentistry on a daily basis, because we will not let anyone leave the office who does not feel good and LOOK good.

In addition to our laser technology, patients appreciate the comfortable feel of our office. Our office is located in a colonial-style house with warm furnishings, but our equipment is as modern and as clean as more clinical-looking offices.

Dr. Nelson and our team understand firsthand the challenges and rewards of being a part of a military family. Dr. Nelson’s father was in the Navy, her husband Paul is a Vietnam veteran, having served in the US Air Force as an intelligence analyst, and both of her sons serve in our military. Our location in Middletown allows us to serve the families of the nearby naval base with the same care and consideration that we would want for our own families. Milestone Dental Care is proud of our military families, and looks forward to serving the families of those who serve our country.

Experience a different kind of dentist at Milestone Dental Care! Contact our Middletown dental office to schedule an appointment today!

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