What Sets Us Apart

Comfort of Home

The office staff at Milestone Dental Care pride themselves on the welcoming, friendly environment that is the trademark of our practice. We make every effort to ensure your visit is relaxing and comfortable. Our office is located in a colonial-style house with warm furnishings, but our equipment is as modern and as clean as more clinical-looking offices.

Patient-First Service

Dr. Nelson is experienced in treating people of all ages and levels of need. We treat children who are just getting baby teeth, growing kids and teens, busy adults, and even some folks who have reached their 100th birthday! Thanks to the nearby naval base and college, we also treat many military and international families.

Advanced Care Options

In addition to routine dental care, we also offer many of the most advanced dental and orthodontic systems in the field today. We improve teeth with bridges, crowns, and veneers, provide whitening service, and have many corrective appliances such as Invisalign® and Essix® to straightening smiles. We'll work with you to find the treatment plan that suits your needs.

Convenient Hours

We understand that your schedule is busy, so we are happy to schedule appointments that will let you stay on your preferred routine. You can come in for evening visits on Wednesdays or even set a lunch hour appointment at noon any day of the week.